Take a workshop, and deepen your understanding of yoga.

Discover the energy of the chakras, work on specific areas of the body, explore anatomy, learn yoga philosophy and go deeper by joining our yoga workshops.

Yoga Fundamentals – Workshop for Men

Date: TBD



Presented by Lou Haber


This workshop is designed for men of all ages who are brand new to yoga or who would like to re-start their practices.  It will help men learn to access both the physical benefits of yoga which include increased muscle strength, tone and flexibility, as well as the mental benefits such as stress reduction and improved concentration.  The workshop will cover fundamentals such as poses, alignment, breath work, meditation, and aspects of yoga philosophy.
Instructor Lou Haber is a certified yoga teacher (200 hours CYT).  After years of working in the corporate world, he turned to yoga as a pathway to alleviate chronic back and foot pain, improve his posture, increase respiratory capacity, find relaxation, and sleep better.  In addition to teaching at Basil Yoga Center, he has taught yoga in many settings including retreat centers, churches, synagogues, and schools.

Mom’s Soulful Sits 2020

Dates: TBD, coming again soon!

From: 1-3pm

Cost: $20  (Please Directly Venmo @:  Dr Kristy Vanacore)

Presented by Dr. Kristy Vanacore

Registration: Register: Basil Yoga on the MindBody app
Payment: Send payment in full to Venmo account name Dr Kristy Vanacore
(Class size is limited to 15 moms to keep an intimate experience for all)

Awakening a Woman’s Soul, Connecting her family

Moms, do you:
find yourself wondering “Is this what my life has become?”
find yourself wondering where your life is headed?
find yourself going through the motions of mindlessly parenting without genuinely feeling joy?
look in the mirror and not recognize the face that is staring back at you?
experience parenting stress that is affecting your relationships with your kids and your significant other?
yell more than you want to and feel triggered by your children’s behaviors?
find yourself exhausted, overwhelmed, and at the end of your rope?
wonder if you’re experiencing the “dreadful midlife crisis”?

Beautiful lady, you are not alone!
Parenting represents a rebirth of a woman’s soul

Soulful Sits is a journey of yoga “off the mat” during which you will learn how to:
*reconnect with your intuition and your body
*become responsive (instead of reactive)
*parent with presence
*value and care for yourself
*become more mindful in every day life
*manage the stress of parenting
*build a peaceful home
*listen to and love yourself and others unconditionally
*strengthen your relationships
*find joy and experience playfulness in daily life
*reignite your power, purpose, and potential

We learn and practice evidence-based skills and healing modalities, while journaling, moving gracefully, expressing through creativity, connecting with nature, applying principles of yoga “off the mat,” and sharing good company.

You will learn how to release limiting beliefs and stored-up emotions and trauma that are preventing you from being the best version of yourself. And, you will have tons of fun in the process!

The result– a deeply transformed mind, body, and spirit that allows you to come to life and thrive in ways you never imagined were possible!

Appropriate for moms of children of all ages and stages!

By the end of the 2 hour intro workshop, you will feel calm, grounded, joyful, healthy, and have increased clarity and insight.

You will step in to your power.

Hips and Hamstrings part 1, with Basil Jones

Date:  TBD



Presented by: Basil Jones

Discover the benefits of yoga for tight hips & hamstrings and learn to develop a home practice that supports recovery & injury prevention with Basil’s 2-part Hips & Hamstrings Workshop. Perfect for runners, spinners, and cyclers.

Part 1 will be a slow-paced series of passively held postures for a deeper stretch and a more relaxing experience; perfect for all-levels  (Similar to a B1 or Yin).

$40 early bird for part 1

$45 non early bird pricing.

Hips and Hamstrings, part 2, with Basil Jones

Date: TBD



Presented by:  Basil Jones

Discover the benefits of yoga for tight hips & hamstrings and learn to develop a home practice that supports recovery & injury prevention with Basil’s 2-part Hips & Hamstrings Workshop. Perfect for runners, spinners, and cyclers.
Hips and Hamstrings Part 2 will be a flow class designed to build heat while targeting the lower body; perfect for those who want a more active practice with shorter hold times (Similar to a B2 or B3). Previous experience in Hips and Hamstrings Part 1 recommended.

$40 early bird for part 2$45 non early bird pricing

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