Your journey of transformation starts here.

Basil Yoga Center is intentionally designed to support your whole being, from our top-quality team to the richly sensory environment of our studio.

Envelop yourself in a feast for the senses:


Bathe in warm amber glow of the Marconi bulbs we use throughout the studio, and unlock the energy of the chakras by practicing under the colored lights of our yoga rooms.


Experience the healing properties of essential oils. Each month, we use three new DoTerra oils in the studio, offering a pure and natural way to support physical and emotional wellness.


Practice in harmony with lush sound delivered through our audiophile-quality sound system. From world music to ethereal soundscapes, tap into the power of sound to help you breathe, relax and surrender.


Connect with your body through the unique experience of practicing yoga on a cork floor. Firm enough to support your body and offer physical feedback – and yielding enough to cushion your joints and offer comfort.


Enjoy a beautiful, fragrant cup of tea or a box of pure spring water to hydrate before class, and refresh you after practice. (Boxed water is a great choice for both your body, and the planet.)

Be supported by our attentive staff and teachers.

We are here to support your personal growth and transformation. From our front desk and to our yoga rooms, our staff and teachers are committed to offering an exceptional level of individualized support – working with you to create a personalized plan for your practice, and to identify packages that best fit your needs and goals.