Support strength and wellness throughout your pregnancy.

Monthly 4 week series, Monday  Evenings starting March 2024

Work with a teacher certified in prenatal yoga to explore a safe, nourishing practice to support your pregnancy and prepare you for delivery.

Why practice prenatal yoga?

Support rapid physical changes.

Through a yoga practice designed to support the rapid physical changes of pregnancy, you can build strength, increase stability, ease discomfort and create space for carrying your baby.

Ease labor, delivery and recovery.

Coming together as a small group, talking through some birth prep, breathing, moving in a way that supports a changing body (to help balance, strengthen, align, etc) and then restoring with a guided meditation in savasana -the best part!  Increase resilience and muscle strength, and breathing techniques that ease delivery. These practices also speed your post-partum recovery.

Join a prenatal yoga class.

Prenatal classes are offered several times per year at Basil Yoga Center. Find a class on our schedule under our workshop page, book a one-on-one session with a certified prenatal teacher, or call us to learn more.

Our next prenatal series starts the first Monday of each month

 (75 minute sessions)

 Monday evenings 5:30pm